I am in love with ear cuffs right now! I just can#t find any!!!!! So i made one!

You will need:

an old necklace chain

a paperclip

Needlenose pliers

Skiny marker

Step 1: Unbend your paper clip so that its a kinda straight wire. Then with the needlenose pliers, make an eyelet(Tiny loop) on the end of it.

Step 2: Make a circle by bending it around the skinny marker. It should look like a fishhook now, with the eyelet as the hook.

Step3:With the pliers, make a U bend back towards the eyelet. Bend aroung the marker again. Now it should be starting to all make sense and look like a cuff

Step 4: Make another eyelet again


Step 5: Using metal connector circle thingys, attach chain to one of the eyelets and then put your earing through one of the holes and let it all dangle.

TAA DAA! You now have a completely original ear cuff!!